Mess with Gravity!


Quanta is a work-in-progress first person puzzle game, in which you mess with gravity to solve a wide variety of physics-based puzzles. You can change gravity’s direction both ‘globally’ and in small spherical ‘rifts’ or ‘bubbles.’

Quanta is mostly a solo project being developed by me (an 18 year old student in the US), although it wouldn’t be possible without the support/feedback from friends and family (as well as a number of excellent model contributions).

When it’s done, it will be released for free, and likely open source.

Quanta will be available for Windows and Linux (PhysX is giving me loads of trouble in Linux, so there may be a delay on that end of things…). If Nvidia actually makes a free Mac version of PhysX, then a Mac version may be possible in the future as well.

Quanta Uses the Following Middleware/Libraries/Etc:


-nVidia PhysX


-Lua + Luabind


And These Are Some Tools Being Used in Quanta’s Development:

-MS Visual Studio ’08 Express



-Gimp 2.6



-And many more…

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