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Bullet Physics…

Posted by quantagame on March 29, 2010


In light of the PhysX issues with Linux, the annoyingly large PhysX system software redist thing, and the fact that it’s the only closed-source software I’m using; I’ve begun testing Bullet Physics out as a potential replacement. I’m not 100% sure how well it’ll integrate, especially with my character controller setup as hacked together as it is, but the switch to an open source physics engine would open up a lot of possibilities (a Mac version would be possible… reliable Linux support and so on…).

I’ll update when I have some results…

In other news ChaiScript is working rather nicely, though there have been some notable annoyances… I’ll dedicate a whole post to it a bit further down the road…

I’m also considering getting a SourceForge account set up in the near future, I have zero experience with svn and such, so it would be a good opportunity to learn and to make the source available.


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Very Quick Linux Update

Posted by quantagame on March 3, 2010

For the past bit I’ve been working in Windows, since I’m more familiar with Visual Studio… but I’m getting the Linux build caught up right now, chaiscript and MyGUI work just fine (had to statically link MyGUI since I couldn’t get the shared library to load properly, for whatever reason), and the character controller and physX are working perfectly. I am however having issues with the timing system… so everything is pretty much in slowmo… but it shouldn’t be too tough of a fix…

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