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Quick Update

Posted by quantagame on January 11, 2010

So, still working on the new version. I’m planning a lot of changes, but I’ll wait until I have something to show before explaining stuff too much.

So in development/Linux news, Arch Linux flat out didn’t work with PhysX, I have no idea why exactly (I got errors about the shared library being in the wrong format). I really don’t know Linux well enough to guess why this didn’t work, but I guess there must be some difference in the binary formats between Arch and other distros (the PhysX packages were marked rpm or debian, but there was a PhysX pack on the AUR that used the rpm one… and it gave me the same error).

So I put Ubuntu onto a 25gb partition and got everything set up, and it compiled, but the physics doesn’t seem to actually be working (if I create an empty scene with one box and high gravity, the box doesn’t move, the same code in Windows works just fine… I’m hoping it’s just some scene setting or default in the Linux version that I’m overlooking…). And as an added bonus GDB refuses to work in Ubuntu/Codeblocks right now…

In other news I got feedback from the IGF judges and it confirmed a lot of my suspicions and got me thinking on some areas to improve. I might post the feedback up here later on.

UPDATE: Got PhysX running in Ubuntu (turns out it was a little quirk with the Linux version, where if you don’t explicitly disable fluids, it won’t simulate anything), still annoyed I can’t use Arch for developing (in the couple weeks I’ve had it I’ve really really begun to like it… ah well I can still use it for 3d modeling and everything else….). Also, after experimenting with python a bit, I think I’m going to stick with lua for the moment, so after I get lua/luabind set up in ubuntu I can start back on actual coding…


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The IGF Build

Posted by quantagame on January 4, 2010

Well, may as well release this now, I’m in need of some feedback, keep in mind that the system reqs are rather steep, this is a VERY early version, and I am in the process of rewriting the engine, reworking the art style etc, the readme should include all the info you need, if you have any questions/issues/suggestions/etc feel free to post them here or email me at quantasupport@ REMOVESPAMgmail.com


(The file is ~165mb)

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Congrats to the IGF Finalists!

Posted by quantagame on January 4, 2010

So, Quanta didn’t make the cut in the IGF (congrats to the finalists and everyone who entered!). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed, but looking through the first page of entries was enough to tell that I didn’t stand much of a chance, at least the feedback from the judges should be helpful. Now, knowing that the IGF is out of the way, I’m going to be reimagining/reworking things a bit.

In the version I submitted to the IGF, I really focused way too much on technical junk, and I sort of over extended myself on the art side of things, the realistic industrial look is rather hard on the assets and shader end of things (and it still wound up looking rather dated) as well as not being very distinctive/interesting. This also forced the system requirements way higher that I’d have liked. So for this new ‘version’ or ‘iteration’ or whatever you’d call it, I’m going to go for a simpler, more distinctive art style; something that will look nice, but be simpler and actually reasonable on the asset creation end of things. I have some ideas as to how it’ll look, and I’ll post some screen for some feedback when i get something working.

Gameplay-wise, I’m waiting to hear feedback from the IGF judges and from whoever downloads it when I publicly release the build (I’m debating just uploading it tonight… I’ve gotta add some legal disclaimer stuff though… but soon anyways). But I definitely want to focus a bit more on the learning/difficulty curve and such, and actually do some playtesting, etc.

As far as technology goes, as I mentioned before I am rewriting the engine from scratch (but using the old for reference so, having done most everything once before, it should be fairly rapid development), I’m likely (not 100% positive, but pretty darn close) going to make it open source, if mainly to force me to write cleaner code. I was originally looking to do a lot of multithreading stuff, but after a month of stumbling around with that, it’s not worth the effort, I will use threading (for instance, I might run the audio system in it’s own thread, or divide up some of the internal stuff into threads) but not in the original way I was looking to. I will try to leave the new engine open for networking stuff, but that’s a bit less of a priority right now. I am going to be using a scripting language, at the moment I’ve got some very limited lua stuff functional, but I’ve had python suggested to me by a few people and might give that a shot, as boost.python looks a bit nicer to work with than luabind. Also, I am making every effort to make it work on Linux, since I’ve recently been using Linux a lot (tried ubuntu first, and now I’m running Arch Linux).

Overall, I’m hoping to make fairly regular releases (once I get the new engine far enough along to have something resembling a game, so a few months off yet..) and to be more open and out there a bit more. I’ve been sort of protective/quiet with Quanta up to now (think I’ve posted about it on two forums… and that’s about the extent of my PR work, to all 2 of the people reading this thanks for the interest!).

Sorry for the long post, but I had a lot on my mind…

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