Mess with Gravity!

Merry (late) Christmas!

Posted by quantagame on December 27, 2009

Alright, so I’m still working on the engine rewrite (at this point I’m knee-deep in threading stuff…), at this point I’m leaning closer to making it open source (I’ve started keeping a much more consistent coding style and using doxygen for generating documentation). I’ll post some info/screens/etc once I get something interesting working.

On another note, I recently decided to go for the student deal on Windows 7, I got the Professional version in 64bit. I honestly wasn’t impressed (not much different from Vista, lots of little tiny issues that kept forcing me to reboot). I actually decided to dual boot ubuntu all of an hour after installing 7, and I actually really like it (I’m way too used to Visual Studio to do much serious coding work in linux, but for 3d modeling and stuff I love it), a Linux version of Quanta is a definite possibility now.

Also, it looks like the finalists for the IGF will be announced on January 4th, so I’m crossing my fingers (still not exceedingly optimistic, but it would be amazing if Quanta made it…).


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