Mess with Gravity!

Wow, I don’t update this enough…

Posted by quantagame on September 11, 2009

A new video, aside from bugfixes the programming is all set, just a matter of art and level design…



4 Responses to “Wow, I don’t update this enough…”

  1. JLD said


    Keep up the good work! You’ve already got something great, and you can make an even greater game with it… so keep up the good work!

    I think you should start thinking about a scenario that fits this unique gameplay. Maybe something a bit sophisticated and kind of strange, so it “pushes” you and you wanna get to the end just to know what this is all about. Maybe you can get inspiration from a good sci-fi book…

    Oh and yes, the puzzles seem cool, but it would be great to “see” a few NPC’s. E.g. through video records.

    These are just suggestions. I won’t mind if you ignore them!

    Have a nice day (evening?).

    • quantagame said

      Thanks for the feedback! (sorry for the late reply…). And yeah, I do need to come up with some kind of storyline for it, now that I’ve got the gameplay mostly set and the IGF entry in I think I’ll start focusing on that aspect a bit more.

      • JLD said

        Hi again,

        I watched the latest trailer and, apart from the level design, everything looks awesome. (I guess this level is still a work in progress: the screenshots from the May 31 entry showed great level design…)

        Anyway, you really stand your chances at the IGF. Good luck with that.

        Quanta surely requires most of your free time, but do you have other projects running in the background?

        Enjoy your day.

      • quantagame said

        And yeah the level is a bit bare, I pretty much made it all within that last month up to the IGF deadline…

        As far as other projects, I’m currently considering working on sort of a light multiplayer component to Quanta (well, more a game that uses Quanta’s engine and a bit of gravity changing stuff), a friend of mine is working on the early stages of the art/design stuff, so maybe I’ll have some news on that eventually. Other than that, I’m probably going to make something for Ludum Dare this weekend.

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