Mess with Gravity!


Posted by quantagame on July 4, 2009

Haven’t updated this in a while, but progress is definitely being made. After I got my new dev computer set up I decided to recode pretty much the entire ‘skeleton’ of Quanta, since it had become a bit disorganized… (I’m reusing a lot, but I re-did the logic system to be a lot more powerful, it’s got the launcher/main/pause menus, level loading, quality options etc etc, pretty much all of the typical ‘game’ stuff is there now, so it seems much less like a tech demo).

So right now, I just finished up rewriting/adapting the lighting shaders (and added null’s excellent SSAO compositor…), and I’m beginning to put physics back in, I should be onto ‘new’ progress in the next few days (I’ll have video/screens as soon as I have something worth showing).

UPDATE: Okay, physics, the character controller etc etc. are working and ‘new’ progress began as of a couple days ago, I’ve got a long but fairly complete list of the mechanics and stuff I need to set up, and with luck most of the ‘engine’ stuff should be done in a couple weeks (after that it’ll just be asset creation and level design…).


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