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More progress…

Posted by quantagame on July 27, 2009

Okay, another update…

It’s coming along nicely, the majority of the mechanics and such are all set, another good week of coding and I should be able to shift focus to art/level design.

I finally got to setting up some blender export scripts (Python is amazing by the way) that let me use blender as the map editor, so level creation/modification is far easier.

Here’s an early shot of what will be the first level (a laboratory). Yes that is a handgun, and no it won’t be used to kill/destroy things, there are a lot of puzzles that can be solved with creative use of a 9mm, especially when gravity manipulation is added to the mix…


And back to work I go…


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Posted by quantagame on July 4, 2009

Haven’t updated this in a while, but progress is definitely being made. After I got my new dev computer set up I decided to recode pretty much the entire ‘skeleton’ of Quanta, since it had become a bit disorganized… (I’m reusing a lot, but I re-did the logic system to be a lot more powerful, it’s got the launcher/main/pause menus, level loading, quality options etc etc, pretty much all of the typical ‘game’ stuff is there now, so it seems much less like a tech demo).

So right now, I just finished up rewriting/adapting the lighting shaders (and added null’s excellent SSAO compositor…), and I’m beginning to put physics back in, I should be onto ‘new’ progress in the next few days (I’ll have video/screens as soon as I have something worth showing).

UPDATE: Okay, physics, the character controller etc etc. are working and ‘new’ progress began as of a couple days ago, I’ve got a long but fairly complete list of the mechanics and stuff I need to set up, and with luck most of the ‘engine’ stuff should be done in a couple weeks (after that it’ll just be asset creation and level design…).

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