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Audio Woes…

Posted by quantagame on April 20, 2009

Well, Audiere was nice, simple and straightforward, but apparently there’s some tiny little bug that causes random (though rather infrequent) crashes. After I added collsion sounds and thus had a lot of sound streams opening at once it became more and more common (still not an automatic crash but after throwing objects aroud for a minute or two it’d die…).

So I’m in the process of switching to OpenAL, which wouldn’t be my first choice (having very little OpenGL experience, the code looks like someone threw up on a scanner and OCR-ed it…), but FMOD’s licensing wouldn’t work for the IGF, and I’d like to keep the IGF option open. After a few hours of reading its documentation I think I’ve got it down (the code is ugly but it’s easy to write…), and I managed to get ALUT going for loading .wavs and such, and I have an .ogg loader that seems to work alright (debugging that was not fun… I actually found and fixed a minor bug in Vorbis…).

So now on to the writing of the actual audio wrapper thing for Quanta (which should actually be fun, since I’ve written about 4 similar systems in the past, so debugging shouldn’t be quite so bad…).


And in other news, a render of a generator I made a couple days back:

Highpoly Version of a generator for Quanta.

Highpoly Version of a generator for Quanta.


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